Can I transfer to Life Light from another provider?

Yes absolutely. You will need to ask your current study centre to complete the “Record of Transfer” form and send it to us along with your enrolment form.

Can I be sent all of the material at the start of my course?

Yes you can. However we do ask that payment in full is received at the start of the course.

Can I be emailed my course material and essential documents?

Yes that is no problem. We have many students living and working abroad who prefer this option. Please specify that you would like to be emailed everything on your enrolment form.

Can I submit my assignments via email?

Yes you can.

What if I start the course but my commitments change?

We understand! Once you are registered with us you have 5 years to complete the course. Within the 5 year time frame you can adjust the rate at which you complete the modules at any time. You can speed up, slow down, and pause simply by dropping us an email.

What if I start the course and it is not for me? Can I get a refund?

Please refer to our terms and conditions for full information about refunds. You have 14 days from receiving your first set of course materials to decide if you wish to continue studying the course.

My school/university have said they will fund the course. Can you invoice my school/university?

Yes that is no problem. Please include a letter on headed paper confirming whom to invoice within the school/university.

What exactly will I receive from you when I enrol?

Once your application to study with us has been processed you will receive a folder containing: your welcome letter, CCRS course handbook, study schedule, assessment forms, your first module and guides on how to get the most out of your study time.

I have already studied much of the course material from some modules at university - can I be exempt from these modules?

If you believe there will be a significant overlap between studying you have already completed at undergraduate/graduate level then you may be granted an Approved Prior Learning exemption from certain modules. You will need to complete the APL form along with proof of your previous study and forward to us along with your enrolment form. Your APL application is then reviewed by a member of the Board of Religious Studies and we will communicate their decision to you. Please note that this process relates to prior learning up to a maximum of three core modules (not Specialist Modules) and it does not apply to ‘concurrent’ or ‘prospective’ learning.

I’m not a Catholic – is this course still for me?

We welcome everyone to study our courses from all backgrounds, denominations and faiths.

What if I start the course and decide it’s not for me?

This very rarely happens! You have 14 days from receiving your course material to decide if you wish to study with us. Please refer to our Refund Policy for advice and information on this.


How long will the course take to complete?

The course is designed to take two years to complete and this is on the basis of one evening a week being dedicated to study. If you have more time that this to dedicate to the course then you may find you can complete the course sooner. However we encourage students to take their time with the course as the more time they invest in the course, the more it will help their teaching career later on.

How long have I got to complete the course?

The time frame for completing the CCRS course given by The Board of Religious Studies is 5 years. You may start the course at one centre and transfer to another but this must be within the 5 years. If you go over this time, please contact your current study centre for advice.

I completed a module over 5 years ago. Will this still count towards the certificate?

Depending on circumstances you may be asked to repeat any modules completed outside of the 5 year time frame.

Assessment and Course Tutors:

How is the course assessed and will I need to attend seminars?

With Life Light you are not required to attend seminars as we offer the course wholly via distance learning. You will be required to make a close study of the course material sent to you, undertake further reading as indicated and complete a 1500 word assignment for each module. You then submit your assignment via either post or email to your tutor along with your completed assessment form.

What if I have a problem with one of the modules?

If at any time you are having difficulty with the course text you can contact your tutor for advice and support.

Who do I contact if I want to change my study schedule?

You simply email the CCRS Coordinator at info@studylifelight.com.

How do I request my next module ahead of schedule?

As above, simply email the CCRS Coordinator at info@studylifelight.com.

Course Recognition in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland:

Is the CCRS recognised in the Republic of Ireland?

It is indeed. Please click here for further information.

Payment options and Overseas students:

If I am living abroad can I still complete the course?

Yes absolutely. We can email everything you will need to study the course and you will be able to email your assignments to your tutors at the end of each module.

Can I pay for the course in Euros?

You can indeed. Please download the enrolment form and follow the instructions.


Will I receive a certificate once I have completed the course?

Once all 8 modules have been completed and your grades have been received we then apply to The Board of Religious Studies for your certificate. Please allow at least 6 weeks for your certificate to be received. If you require a cover letter meanwhile please email us.


Who oversees the course?

The CCRS course is managed and awarded by the Board of Religious Studies on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

What if I have a problem or a complaint?

It is very rare that a student has a complaint. However in this circumstance please contact the CCRS Coordinator to discuss any difficulties and for a copy of the complaints procedure.

How much does it cost to take one of our courses?